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3 min readNov 28, 2021

by Oliver Carlos

When I was a teen, I ate and breathed basketball. I played the sport as much as I can. My favorite shot was the 3-point shot. I practiced shooting triples 3 times a day- in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. I did that daily for several years. I wanted to be a PBA player, and I believed I can make it, I just have to put in tons of hard work. My goal was to make my passion my profession. I thought that it must be a great feeling to earn money from the works of my hands, especially if my work is my dream job.

I’m grateful for these small items I got from shooting hoops. (photo by Jethro Castillo)

I know I sound funny for aiming for the moon. Later, bitter as it is, I fell way short of my target destination. It took me quite a while to realize that my unsuccessful PBA journey is God’s will. At least now I’m confident that the person I grew up to be is so much better than being a pro basketball player, in God’s perspective. He knows what’s best, and I just allowed him to do as he wishes.

I thank God for granting me the grace to accept his will for me, and so now I have peace with myself. I am happy where I am. I may not be earning big bucks in the big league, but God has never failed in supplying me everything that I needed. Once in while too, he gives me bonuses. He gives me material things out of basketball. I brought home some goodies by shooting hoops. I truly enjoyed those moments.

The first time was in a supermarket in Alabang. Because I bought some items there, I was given a ticket to shoot some hoops. The ball was small, the size of a pomelo, and the ring had a circumference that is almost exact as the ball’s size. The target hoop is around 5 meters away, and it was also moving to make things difficult for the contestants. I shot 7/10 and the saleslady said that that’s one of the best scores she’s seen and that’s good for 2 little bags of groceries. Not bad.

Weeks later, in my car’s casa, there was a promo. They held a shooting contest for their customers who had their car’s oil changed in their branch. They set up a basketball hoop at the lobby. They would give a prize to the day’s best volume shooter. I joined the contest and I ended up as the grand winner. I brought home an expensive car freshener.

These are little things that I believe call for big celebrations. The Bible tells us that we should rejoice not only in big things, but also in little victories. Small as they may seem, they are nonetheless God-given. Every blessing that comes from him must be recognized, acknowledged and celebrated. A person who can only rejoice in big events but cannot do so in small ones is a miserable person. He’ll have a hard time getting pleased. Ecclesiastes 6:3 (ICB) explains this clearly:

“It is sad when a person can’t enjoy the good things God gives him. Such a person might have 100 children. He might live a long time. But what good is it if he can’t enjoy the good God gives him? I say a baby who is born dead is better off than he is.”

A multi-million-peso PBA contract or a little bag of groceries from a shooting contest, God expects the same response from us. Don’t overlook God’s faithfulness to you. He gives you blessings every moment, every day. Don’t take for granted his presence in your life. Always take time to count your blessings. Enjoy God’s loving and caring acts, especially the little ones.

When you develop this habit, you won’t be gloomy and miserable. You will be transformed into a joyful child of God.



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